The Browse link in the navigation bar on the top of each page lets you browse constructs, lines and images. Click a construct id to view its lines and images. On the page that comes up, click an image to see it in full size, delete it or modify its annotation. For each line, there is an link labeled add image that lets you upload new images.

You can search the list of constructs using the Search link in the navigation bar.

To add, remove and edit data for constructs and lines, use the Edit tables link in the navigation bar. This link takes you to the database administration tool phpMyAdmin. Select the glowfish database in the pull-down menu to the left. You can edit the the data in the tables Construct, Line and AnatomicalTerm. The table Line contains a field lineID that is automatically set by the database system. Please do not change the values in that field. The fields called lastChanged are also automatically managed by the database system. The table AnatomicalTerm holds the list of anatomical terms used by the system. You can add and remove terms, but keep in mind that removing terms will cause existing annotations with those terms to be lost. The field anatomicalTermId is automatically set by the database system; do not change it. The phpMyAdmin interface will eventualy be replaced with a simpler interface.

You can generate custom tracks for the UCSC Genome Browser by following the Export BED link in the navigation bar.

If you experience problems with the system, please contact david.fredman at