Many non-protein-coding sequences under negative selection, common in vertebrates genomes, function as the regulatory elements of their target genes in the flanking genomic regions. This database contains GFP reporter expression patterns driven by these elements when joined to a minimal promoter and integrated into the zebrafish genome. This allows to annotate the non-coding sequences, assign them to their targets and propose the structure of genomic regulatory blocks highly conserved through all vertebrates.

Data has been submitted for the following references, please click to view the respective datasets:

Navratilova P, Fredman D, Hawkins TA, Turner K, Lenhard B, Becker TS: Systematic human/zebrafish comparative identification of cis-regulatory activity around vertebrate developmental transcription factor genes. Dev Biol. 2009 Mar 15;327(2):526-40.
Navratilova P, Fredman D, Lenhard B, Becker TS: Regulatory divergence of the duplicated chromosomal loci sox11a/b by subpartitioning and sequence evolution of enhancers in zebrafish (submitted)